• We help you resolve disputes by providing both parties an opportunity to identify problems, advocate on behalf of their perspective or rights, and help you navigate your differences to define a pathway towards resolution or come to a final decision. Individuals, entities, and businesses use our services to avoid the expense and rigidity of civil litigation.

    • Mediation is a form of conflict resolution that allows parties to communicate in a consensual environment. It is a collaborative and cooperative method of dispute resolution done voluntarily. Our job is to facilitate communication and encourage mutual decision making. No legal advice is given to the parties and all decisions are made fully and solely by the parties in mediation.

    • We provide administration support to individuals who need to lower the costs of litigation. Through our extensive knowledge of the legal field, we work directly with you to create a customized solution to meet your needs including research, document preparation and filing. While we do not give legal advice our services have been invaluable to those with limited resources. 

    • Our litigation support service provides education to the self-representing litigant in court procedure and relevant law, and include:

      How to file and or respond to an action within court, How to provide or answer service, How to comply with the court rules and procedures

    • Demetrece Welch's level of understanding of the debt collection laws, and law in general, has assisted me greatly. This book was a wonderful read and capitalizes on his thorough understanding of the debt collection and bankruptcy laws.

      C. Termeer - President, Termeer Publishing

    • As a life coaching company, I coach individuals on how to handle, in pro per, their various legal matters including debt collection and bankruptcy matters. Demetrece Welch has provided support to my company on numerous occasions. His understanding of the law and how it is applied is above reproach. As a bonus, I provide this book to my clients to help them understand their financial options.

      J. Farley President - Friends of Fathers

    • I found myself caught in a burdensome bankruptcy litigation with very little resources and no place to turn. I was extremely and pleasantly surprised at the level of knowledge Mr. Welch displayed - his obvious experience in the Bankruptcy courts was crucial in my decision making processes and negotiating my way through a very difficult process - Mr. Welch made it infinitely easier.

      M. Propster - Business Owner