• About

  • Demetrece Welch

    As a mediator, Mr. Welch brings a unique background experience and understanding to the table, which provides the parties with comfort in knowing their position will be not only heard, but understood and respected.

  • Litigation Consultant and Certified Mediator

    As the founder of DRWelch Group, LLC, Mr. Welch has worked on the largest civil class-action lawsuit within the state of Michigan. During this time, Mr. Welch provided litigation research and assistance to the staff attorneys active during the lawsuit. His duties included reviewing documents for relevancy and accuracy, researching court opinions and orders, and the preparation of research memorandum, motions, and briefs for review by staff attorneys. Most recently, Mr. Welch has provided case management services for attorney's which has included the management of client cases from interview through settlement or trial. 

    Mr. Welch is a Certified Mediator trained by the Michigan Supreme Court. In this capacity, Mr. Welch works with the courts and litigants to resolve disputes without the expenses of civil litigation. By providing these services, individuals have avoided the rigors and burdensome costs of litigation and as a result, allowed the participants to find common ground to which all parties can agree.

    Additionally, Mr. Welch has volunteered his services to various non-profit and community organizations.

  • Experience

    Working within the legal community as a litigation consultant, for over 20 years, Mr. Welch has assisted with numerous trials, appeals and negotiations.

     * As a litigation consultant, Mr. Welch has assisted with the trial of Michigan’s largest civil-action lawsuit. During this time, Mr. Welch provided trial preparation and management to the staff attorneys

     * Mr. Welch provides individuals and attorneys with litigation support which includes the researching of relevant federal and state laws. The drafting of documents for use within the legal process, which includes: petitions/complaints, motions, discovery request, and briefs.

     * Mr. Welch has been trained in accordance with the Michigan Supreme Court rules for mediators. He continually trains, and enhances his relevant education with the latest and most effective techniques and methods for mediating disputes, whether they are commercial, civil, or personal. He has mediated more than 500 civil cases while working with various courts and attorneys within the Michigan Court system.

  • Summary

    Member:         State Bar of Michigan – Alternative Dispute Resolution Section and Legal Assistant Section

    Recognized:    City of Detroit, Spirit of Detroit Award for providing mediation services to residents and companies within the city’s court system.

    Wayne Mediation Center, as a Shining Star for volunteer mediation services.

    Published:       Debt: Your Rights When Dealing with Collectors and Bankruptcy