• Education

  • Demetrece Welch founded DRWelchGroup, LLC because he recognized the need for Pro se Litigants (self litigants) to have crucial information and support before going to court. He realized there was a huge chasm between what the everyday person expected and what the processes of going to Court involved. As a certified mediator, Mr. Welch had the experience of settling a variety of legal matters and realized those representing themselves didn’t have the knowledge or resources to know where to start. He knew they weren't alone in struggling against the process. He watched people lose their homes and businesses turning up in court with grocery bags containing their evidence. He saw some Litigants become so cynical about the system that they would give up. He recognized a need for people to become more informed so that they could utilize the legal process instead of interfering with it. DRWelchGroup, LLC enables people to use dispute resolution or go to Court with more understanding of the process in order to help them achieve justice.

  • Why is Litigation Support Necessary?

    1) Reasons for Not Having an Attorney: Self-represented litigants desire legal assistance, advice, and representation due to the cost and/or because of other financial priorities. 

    “I had just given up half of everything I’d ever owned. . .I also had a hefty mortgage payment that nobody else was helping me with, and helping kids with college. . .So, I didn’t have the money to get an attorney,” Most people don’t have ready cash for large retainers, so even if they could potentially afford it over time, they don’t have the money a lawyer wants to get into a case.

    2) The Court Process from the Litigant’s Perspective: Bringing difficult situations to a formal courthouse without attorney assistance can leave litigants feeling intimidated, isolated, and vulnerable. They grapple with understanding the flow and stages of the process and what is expected of them, and describe feeling lost.

    “If you were going on a trip, you would get a map and you would know where you were going. You would have a destination. You would know the route you were taking. The most stressful part is that I really didn’t have an understanding of that until almost the end of the process,” reported one self-represented litigant.

    3) Impacts of Self-Representation: Litigants reported feeling disadvantaged as compared to represented parties. Self-representation (without litigation support) can negatively impact the outcome of a case. Going to court without an attorney can also add substantial stress and anxiety to an already taxing emotional period. Although negative emotions and feelings prevailed, some litigants did express a feeling of empowerment when employing a freelance paralegal.

    Self-representation requires a comprehensive strategy in which all stakeholders—court, legal, and broader community-partners—have a voice. We help ensure that litigants without lawyers can meaningfully access our nation’s courts and that our system of justice is more client-centric.