• Litigation Support

  • At DRWelch Group, LLC., we take a creative approach to litigation and arbitration support, finding thoughtful solutions that are time-sensitive and tailored to our clients’ legal strategy. We partner with outside counsel and in-house teams to collect the information needed to get results, whether it’s evidence to support a legal position or for leverage against opponents.

    In high stakes litigation and arbitration, digging deeper and getting the facts of the case can make all the difference.

    Building a persuasive argument takes accurate information, expert witnesses and comprehensive forensics — all of which must be ethically obtained. We offer legal investigation services that can bring to light new facts and evidence that have been missed.

    Everything we do is for your benefit.

    Drawing on our experience in the legal field, we design and implement investigative plans tailored to and informed by the client’s legal strategy. This gives us a critical edge in identifying opportunities and helping you build effective legal strategies that get results. In addition to fact-finding missions, our legal investigative services include vetting potential witnesses and performing important background research on your opponent’s key assets.

    Our litigation and arbitration support services include:

    • Discovering, examining and analyzing information, intelligence and raw data to realize its evidentiary potential
    • Identifying information regarding an adversary and their witnesses for impeachment on cross-examination
    • Locating and interviewing potential witnesses
    • Locating confidential sources and finding background information when public records are unavailable, unhelpful or non-existent
    • Investigating credentials of expert witnesses
    • Identifying and tracing assets
    • Identifying and documenting undisclosed links between subjects and witnesses
    • Retrieving and analyzing data files using digital forensic methodology